I felt this should have been a walk in the park given that I am fairly knowledgeable with Disk Management (or DISKPART for my 'keepin it real OG' CLI buddies) and I am stuck scratching my head and laughing at myself. This honestly feels like child's play; guess I'm just a little embarrassed that I forgot which drive I partitioned the space from in the first place. When I did a system restore the VHD was auto unmounted and I forgot about it.

(this is the right place to post correct? I thought visualization forums might be correct posting thread, but this seemed more logical as when I say visualization think more of virtualbox, vmware, ESX etc. [even though VHD fits right into that category this seemed like a better fit])

My first grader solution that I am shamefully writing was to delete the VHD (haven't used but .01 Gb / 50) and watch for one of my physical drives to show an increase in free space but this is ridiculous. I played around in diskpart, disk management and device manager without any AH HA moments but I did observe when looking at properties (RCLicking the labeled Disk X [not the volumes under the disk that shows the label but the one that shows: Disk X, Basic, XX.XX GB etc.) of the location value read as, "Location: Location 1 (Bus Number 0, Target Id 0, LUN 1).

This seemed promising but the only thing that appeared to match, the "Bus number 1" came from a drive that is usually topped off as it is a storage drive that has been needed to be increased for a long time. Now maybe there was a free 50Gb that was used, but doesn't seem likely and I don't usually dare approach diskpart unless my mind is at tip top shape.

When I think Bus I think physical, under the hood - inside my computer. So this could be the match that I am looking for but I was hoping a more experienced user could guide me or show the correct way, hell maybe even tell me I am correct.

I doubt this will ever be searched by another user but if I get an answer and officially SOLVE this thread I will be sure to edit my ranting and lame humor out as to KISS.

Thank you,
Brink you rock,