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Windows 8 with Touch Screen Using Metro

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    Windows 8 with Touch Screen Using Metro

    I believe that metro works on a dual screen configuration which included a touch screen if the latter is designated the primary. I am interested in making an investment as I want to upsize my additional screen anyway for professional reasons
    Can any one advise me what sort of touch screen technology best suits W8 gestures. There seem to be at least six implementation technologies
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    Heh yeah... :/

    And really, the only way to tell (and this goes for monitors in general) is to see/play with one in person. Course that's probably not possible.

    I would think that some sort of clear capacitive screen would be the thing that works best. Like they use on tablets. No resistive, probably no surface acoustic wave (SAW). The former is hell to look through and you have to press hard. The latter is not terribly sensitive for delicate gestures. They are more for button punching POS/Teller machine type applications.

    I worked for a touchscreen company for about 18 years, but as ususaly, what's happened in the last 3-4 years always changes the game. There are new techs out there since I left the company so I can;t even say for sure what works best today without trying the latest crop myself :/
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    The new 3M touchscreens with 20 simultaneous touchpoints work very well. Had one on a test desktop for 3 months with nary a problem. This 22" model is not cheap (the single vendor who currently offers it charges about $1,550), but definitely does the job very nicely. Also see my blog on what shopping around for a workable Windows 8 touchscreen was like in February 2012.
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    Very good info , this is serious computing usages for w8 tablets + it's additional real size touchscreen . Way to go !
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Windows 8 with Touch Screen Using Metro
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