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Unable to access internet after installing Windows 8

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    I don't mean to be such a party pooper downer but it's like your going through all this just to use windows 8 ...

    And the funniest thing is that in the end, Microsoft keeps trying to force windows 8 to "automatically" free upgrade to windows 10.. (By using windows updates - automatic updates )

    And one random day, you will sit down and turn on your Acer computer that you spent weeks trying to find drivers, fix, and customize...

    Only to see Windows 10 as you turn on the computer...


    But God speed my friend..

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    England, United Kingdom
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    And the funniest thing is that in the end, Microsoft keeps trying to force windows 8 to "automatically" free upgrade to windows 10.. (By using windows updates - automatic updates )
    That's why I outsmarted them - and disabled ALL update availability on my machine
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    England, United Kingdom
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    Okay, two more noticeable problems. First of all, often randomly, my screen will freeze for a second, and then recover. A few seconds later from the taskbar I'll get a balloon notification saying that the display driver stopped responding and recovered.

    All attempts to get to the source of the problem have failed, and when I do click on the notification I only get taken to the 'Notification area icons' window leaving me clueless each time.

    Next, with wireless. Occasionally, my connection will just drop. There will be a yellow icon over the network icon in the taskbar saying "No internet access". I'm still connected to the router though, but can't access the internet. If I turn wireless off and on again, all the networks disappear and I have to restart my machine to get back on the internet wirelessly again. No correlation that I can see, but both are quite irritating.

    Any ideas what I can do to track either down?
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    I really do wish you could solve this.. It's been 3 weeks since you forced installed over windows 10..

    Random freezes are normal with older harddrives that are spinning disks.. which I'm sure you have,but are not that common.. getting notifications that video has stopped and started is a major issue.. nobody should be getting those errors and notifications..

    AGAIN, you mention you disabled updates, but you know what's funny? Windows Update could actually find the correct and latest drivers for you if you let it check.. You just need to make sure every little check mark that is checked, is what you want.. "important" and "optional" tabs need to be looked at after you check for updates..

    Again, you didn't mention these two problems after you apparently got everything fixed.. so they just started now? and what did you just install or do recently that could be the reasons this started now?

    is the laptop getting to hot, are you playing games? watching movies? did you install some ridiculous booster programs to try to get more performance?

    again.. you need better tech help, but looks as if nobody else is going to tell you more, probably because you decided to force windows 8 on a windows 10 machine and then can't find drivers.. ** so it's just a crap-shoot as if it works or not and you are using a Company that like many other companies, forces you to use their way... (Acer) I actually have an ACER desktop computer I got from Walmart or something for $300.. it runs.. it's fine.. it's for my parents to use.. it has had no problems.. but you know what's funny? maybe those probably will arise when I install windows 10 on it.. Haven't done that yet..

    but look, you are again getting to that point where you should make a macrium reflect backup of your entire system..

    then you should probably do the complete correct fresh install of windows 8 if that is what you really want. I think I remember you saying you just reinstalled windows 8 over windows 10 and there was the windows.old and etc..

    It's not fun but it's not difficult either to install windows the correct fresh way...

    but essentially it's getting ridiculous that after 3 weeks you still can't connect to the internet, and even more serious, getting notifications that your video driver stopped working!
    You need to find out if you are installed in UEFI mode.

    Clean Install - Windows 8

    Click image for larger version
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    England, United Kingdom
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    This is the error attached to the message. The video driver problem has been happening all along, it's just got more common in the last week or so. I thought before it was a case of installing drivers which was why I never mentioned it.

    The wireless problem only started in the last few weeks. It doesn't happen loads, but it is irritating and confusing. Laptop is not hot at all, I'm browsing the internet, sometimes playing Medieval 2 Total War, sometimes in Notepad++ - generally, day-to-day use. There aren't a lot of things open (I make sure of that - I'm pretty pedantic about optimisation) so that's part of the reason why I can't understand it.

    I've just looked in the Intel logs directory and found some logs, I'll post the names here- not sure if any are useful or not. I opened them up but personally from what I could tell (which is probably limited) they seem to be off installing the drivers.

    IntelAMT.log (51 KB)

    IntelCPHS.log (0 KB)

    IntelGFX.log (33 KB)

    IntelGFXCoin.log (6 KB)

    It would be interesting to know if there are problems if you install Windows 10 on it, but ... some of my friends who have Windows 10 - even with perfect specs - have problems with drivers and compatibility.

    I took a look at the link you provided and I don't think I did install in UEFI mode. I don't recognise the steps provided there.
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    You have an issue.. that is not normal..

    How often do your friends run into "display driver stopped responding and recovered?"

    you either have "

    1. a Great New Virus that says that to get you to click on it for the virus to do what it needs to do..


    2. a serious hardware/software DRIVER problem..

    you can choose which one you have..

    the solutions unfortunately are to either

    1. CORRECTLY install windows via UEFI mode if your bios has that, and also do the steps correctly to install fresh windows!.. like download the ISO From windows media creator tool etc..


    2. continue trying to fix your ridiculous joke of a system that you can't use by continuing to look for logs and drivers..

    you choose..

    now, if you do reinstall and you do it the correct way, and you still get this.. then it's time to put the normal way your computer was meant to be run back.. (windows 10 and whatever originally came with your computer when you bought it!)

    meanwhile, you can make a macrium backup of your system the way it is exactly right now for free and put it back if you ever want to after in the future..

    You'll notice nobody else seems to even answer anymore because it's a ridiculous problem..

    nobody's video card resets and flashes and tells them it's recovered.. unless the card itself is not sitting correctly in the slot on the motherboard or ... ?? yeah.. who the hell knows.. faulty chinese components that you overheated playing Total War with 1000's of units ??
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Unable to access internet after installing Windows 8
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