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Why my mouse is lagging so much ?

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    Why my mouse is lagging so much ?

    I can't say when it started but in the last week sometime.
    Lag i mean the mouse when i move it around the screen it stuck and jump from place to place random like a lag.
    It's not moving smooth. Like stuttering a lot.
    And it's the internet since it happen also just in regular work in any program or just when moving the mouse around the screen.

    Typing is fine and program are working fine.

    In Task Manager my cpu usage is around 1% and the memory usage around 45% disk i see now 0%

    I'm using windows 8.1 pro 64bit.

    Could be a microsoft update ? I know in the last week i had one or mroe updates and pc needed to restart.
    What else can it be ?

    It's only the mouse. Maybe usb ? The strange thing it was working all fine so i can't think that the mouse just like that something went wrong. Or maybe usb.

    How can ic heck such a problem ?

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    Well, first, plug the mouse into a different USB Port. Or, try a different mouse.

    I had one cheap mouse here, that always seemed slow, so I unplugged it and replaced it with a Genuine Microsoft Mouse, and the slowness was gone. I also found out years ago, that a failing mouse can even cause a PC to Re-Boot.
    So first I'd check the port and secondly I'd replace the mouse.

    Mice, years ago could cost as much as $149, but today you can get one for $10 or less.

    Don't let one little mouse ruin your day!

    Happy Holidays

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Why my mouse is lagging so much ?
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