In a Win 8.1 Pro x64 system, I have a system SSD and three HDDs, the latter used for media files and backups. The setup is UEFI and the SSD and 3TB HDD are set as GPT type drives. I'm trying to add a Seagate NAS 3TB HDD, which once set up will replace one of the other HDDs. The new HDD shows 2.7TB unallocated, but when I go to create a partition, it then shows two unallocated sections (plus a small third) and will only allow partitioning the ~2.1TB one. So time to stop and ask how to overcome the 2TB problem and end up with a single main partition with GPT. I'm using EaseUs Partition Master Pro, but of course it looks the same in Windows Disk Mgt. Thanks,

Update: Just solved it. Found MS page about setting up GPT drives in Disk Mgt, so now I can have a single larger partition.