Good Day.

I was forced to do a reinstallation of Widows on my ASUS BP6375 desktop. The machine came with Windows 7 Pro. The backup disk was for Widows 8 Pro. After reinstallation my USB 3.0 ports do not work. Here are the steps taken:

1. I installed all of the drivers provided from the ASUS Desktop Drivers Utility CD. The USB 3.0 driver did not install.

2. I downloaded the USB 3.0 driver from the ASUS website. When I attempt to install it, the error reads "Does not support this Operating System: WNT_6.3P_64".

3. I made all of the suggested / important updates to Widows, through the "Windows Update" feature in the Control Panel. I am now running Windows 8.1 Pro. I attempted to re-install the USB 3.0 driver from the ASUS website. Same error message as above.

4. I plugged-in my cell phone to a USB 3.0 port. The battery charges (so it has power), but nothing is recognized on the screen.

5. I check the ASUS BIOS, the USB 3.0 ports are enabled.

6. Checked the Device Manager in the Control Panel. I have the updated driver called
"Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 0100 (Microsoft)"

What am I missing?

Any help is greatly appreciated.