Recently I did a post on how I fix a graphics card with a bad fan.

Today I'm talking about how I refurbished a ten year old Desktop PC, that had gotten all rusty and corroded and the motherboard failed. I'm sure some would just toss it in the trash and forget it. But I'm not built like that.

So first off, I had to strip the case down to it's bare steel frame.
Then I cleaned off all the rust and corrosion with a high speed wire brush.
Then came the new paint. A few shots from a Rattle Can did the job nicely.

The new paint almost exactly matched the original factory paint (ten years ago).

Then I had to reinstall the top panel and Face Plate. and install the new motherboard, a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P,
along with the new AMD, 6 Core CPU and 4GB of DDR3 RAM.

Finally, after setting up the CMOS, I installed Windows 8.1, Pro, 32.

The end product: A great looking and great running PC, done on a budget. For less than a $200 outlay, I have a beautiful new PC.

Can you figure out, why it's called a Pac Man case?
It's been my favorite type of case for ten years now.

WELL, now back to programming my newest PC.

Happy Holidays, Mates!