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External Hard drive is not working

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    External Hard drive is not working

    I have an old External Hard drive I forget when I got it but it was working just fine up until about four hours ago. It's a Western Digital Hard drive I forget exactly how big it is. The files on the drive won't open it is not showing in anything but the disk management this is what it looks like. It's letting me eject the drive safely but it won't let me see anything on the drive.
    Click image for larger version

    I have no idea what to do I am afraid of deleting anything on the drive and I am afraid I may have already done that by accident. It had a lot of things I didn't want lost on it. Any help on this would be appreciated. it 2 in the morning where I am right now I'm going to go to bed and I'll to see if anyone's answered me in the morning. Thank for any help I can get.

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    sad here....this is what it is showing me when I plug it into a windows vista computer
    Click image for larger version
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    It could be that windows is not assigning a drive letter. To verify:

    Change, add or remove a drive letter

    If the problem continues (windows not assigning...), here's a solution:

    Windows does not assign a drive letter

    And this may help if you want the same letter to be assigned to a given drive each time it's connected:

    How to assign a static drive letter
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    Hello helpplease!

    Which is the model of the drive? Is it a WD My Passport (portable) or perhaps a My Book (desktop) or something else? What's the overall size of the device? What happened prior to the issue occurring?

    It looks like there has been some sort of error with the drive's file system or partition table. The PC can't recognize the system on the drive so it can't give access to it. The data may still be there, though.

    Please, try another Windows 8 machine, also use a different cable, too and try both USB2.0 and 3.0 ports. You could also try booting into an Ubuntu/LinuxLive CD to see if the drive would give access there.

    Post back to say what happens!

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    Hi. In second screenshot it seems that your data becomes RAW
    You can use chkdsk command to fix your external hard drive.
    Chkdsk X(external drive name): /F
    (F is stand for fix error)
    If still not able to repair your device then I will recommend you to use third party recovery tools like stellar partition recovery software, Minitool to recover data from RAW partition.
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External Hard drive is not working
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