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How to find out which USB input is 2.0, which 3.0

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    How to find out which USB input is 2.0, which 3.0

    I have HP Pavilion g6 notebook and the specks say that it has 2x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0. Unfortunatelly the manual does not give other info then "USB socket" where everything is mapped.

    How can I find out easily which one is 2.0?

    I've found few solutions on the issue online but each seem to need an external program that are unfamiliar to me so I'm not jumping at those opportunities.

    Only thing I've thought of my self is to plug something in and see how fast data travels BUT at the time and at this remote location I don't have any USB sticks with me, I do have iPhone 4s and cable for it if that does the trick?

    Thnx for replies...

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    USB 3.0 are the blue ports,

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    All 3 are identical visually, non blue.
    And to avoid confusion that there are no 3.0 then...

    This is the product
    HP Pavilion g6-2359so Notebook PC Manuals | HP® Customer Support

    Here is the actual store page, albeit in finnish but it still clearly says that the USB sockets are 2 x 3.0 and 1 x 2.0 if you scroll down a bit.

    Thanks again.
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    Yeah, it looks like others with HP laptops have asked that as well.

    Do you see a SS under the USB symbol for the two ports on the left?

    Apparently that is "Super Speed" so they chose to go with that.

    Actually in the windows 8 user manual it shows you that,

    Click image for larger version

    Under left side description,
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    Good find. The pair on the left does have different symbol that looks like the one in the pic so that leads me to believe that the pair is 3.0 and the solo on the otherside near AC adapter plug is 2.0. I missed that symbol difference completely despite multible odd eyeballing sessions.

    Thanks a punch.
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    You're welcome. Yeah, I don't know if I would have noticed that either. Blue would have been easier.
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    Yeah, sadly, it is not a mandatory requirement that USB 3.0 ports be blue - it is only recommended. But they are supposed to be labeled, somehow, as super speed.
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How to find out which USB input is 2.0, which 3.0
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