hello to all,

last week i got a new 1 tera western digital sataII hdd.
since i dont have any more available cable inside my pc , just for add it to my other hdd's, i replaced it with another old 160gb sata hdd.
problem is that when i restart my system it doesn't pass the dos (or look alike) "loading operation system" message and when i disconnect this new hdd from it power operation system load perfect .

i know im not suppose to connect hardware while power is on , but i did and the new hdd were installed formated and was ready to use , only when restart OS once again, the loading operation system were stuck (again until i disconnect it).

i thought that maybe OS looking for my old hdd which had a different letter but then again , when i disconnect the new hdd OS was working even without reinstall the old hdd.

im using windows 8.1 version.

any thought ....