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Renaming C Drive Letter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itaregid View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by MilesAhead
    Also you make no mention of the link I posted
    I did not comment on your link because it was obvious you did not even read it! If you had bothered to read your own link, you would have seen where it says no less than 4 times!!!! it can be installed elsewhere. See the first Note box, Step 7, Step 8, and in the Tip below Step 8,
    Quote Originally Posted by ''Your'' link!
    Note - Do a clean install if: You want to create a multiboot system by installing Windows 7 on a separate hard disk partition.

    7. Select the hard drive or partition that you want to install Windows 7 on.

    8. Select a hard drive or partition that you want to do a clean install of Windows 7 on

    Tip - To shrink an existing partition to create another partition to install Windows 7 on
    You made a claim that is totally contrary to common knowledge. You posted a link reporting it supports your claim when clearly it does not. As I noted before, millions of users dual boot. Also the BIOS lets you change the boot order to boot to a second drive which clearly indicates your claim is wrong. And now firebird has joined in reporting he has installed Windows on other drives.

    So how about you showing ANY documentation from Microsoft or anywhere else that says you can only install Windows on C drive?

    And note the OP is talking about two drives, not partitions. But that does not matter when it applies to your incorrect claim. You can install Windows on a secondary partition - as was done here where the author installed W10 on his D drive (the new "partition") and in fact, warns,
    Quote Originally Posted by C|Net's Dan Graziano
    You don't want to install it on your primary C drive.
    Now you can keep saying you "suspect" when we know that is not true. But I hope you come back with proof from Microsoft of your claim if you can find any, or simply say you have learned something new as I have no desire to run this thread OT any further.
    Suit yourself. OS/2 and XP didn't have a fixation on booting as C: as Vista and later do. That's my point even if I got a few details wrong. At least I refered to something to back my assertion other than my own assertion.

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    At least I refered to something to back my assertion other than my own assertion.
    Really dude? Come on. We all make mistakes. There's no shame in admitting it. A few details? Backed your assertions?

    I posted a link to a C|Net article that clearly indicates you can use different drives, as I indicated. You posted a link claiming it supported your "assertion" when clearly, it not only didn't support your assertion, but indicated multiple times you were incorrect.

    Now please, unless you can provide a link to Microsoft that says Windows must go on the primary partition of the primary drive, lets let the OP have control over his thread.
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    I have no desire to run this thread OT any further.
    I think I will take your advice although for some reason you don't take your own.
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Renaming C Drive Letter
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