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PC locking up during restart

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    PC locking up during restart

    So yesterday I went to the HP site and updated all of the "recommended" drivers. There was one driver that I updated where when I had to restart, my pc would lock up during the restart process. The pc would either lock up as soon as it restarts (the pc turns off then as soon as it turns back on it'll lock up) or it'll lock up at the HP logo loading screen. I did a system restore to try and fix the problem and as soon as the restart part started, it locked up again. So I had to hold the power button down to turn off my pc. I turned it back on and it wouldn't boot up, so I had to do a factory restore.

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    Okay.... so did that fix it? I dont get what you are trying to say here.

    If your still having an issue where it wont boot, Ive seen some HP machines that will get stuck in boot sequence when some peripherals are connected to the USB ports. If it keeps happening, unplug anything you have connected to the USB ports and try again.
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    The problem was fixed when I did a factory restore. The point of this thread was I was hoping someone on here knew why it was locking during the restart process after updating a driver. Sorry, I should of mentioned that at the end.
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PC locking up during restart
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