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Revise 1TB HDD from primary to secondary drive.

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    Widows 8.1 to be upgraded to Windows 10

    Revise 1TB HDD from primary to secondary drive.

    My newly built PC uses a SSD (Windows 8.1 64bit) as primary drive.
    I have also installed a 1TB HDD (which has been removed from another PC to act as a (slave) backup and library for saved folders and files. This was previously used as a primary drive so also has Windows 8.1 installed on it)
    1. How do I go about safely removing Windows 8.1 in order to clean install the new Windows 10 64 bit OS?
    2. Can I remove Windows 8.1 from the 1TB HDD drive in a similar way as it is not required on this drive?

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    You can't actually "remove" an OS; there is no uninstaller that will do that. You can remove files and folders which will prevent the OS from working.

    Unless you purchased a retail copy of Win10, if you clean-install it to a machine that has not had it previously installed, and Activated, before, it will NOT activate. The Upgrade version does not allow you to enter a product code. Instead, you have to do an in-place Upgrade from Win8.1. So, if you erase both Win8.1 versions, you won't be able to do the Upgrade.

    Also, the Upgrade subsumes the existing Win8.1 key, meaning, after the upgrade you can't legally continue to use that 8.1 version separately. So having two installations of the same 8.1 on a machine, and only upgrading one, and continuing to use the other -- is a violation of the MS upgrade license.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    So something like Drive Wipe on CCleaner won't remove the OS? Never tried it myself.
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    Widows 8.1 to be upgraded to Windows 10

    Mark Phelps

    Thank you for your reply.
    First as the Win 8.1 OS installed on both the new SSD and the 1TB is a copy and therefore cannot be activated surely I can overwrite, uninstall or remove it in order to install a new retail copy of Windows 10.
    Now this is my problem.
    The Win 8.1 OS (Retail copy including free Widows 10 upgrade) was installed and activated on my previous PC, namely ACER Veriton X270 which due to its limitations would not accept windows 10 upgrade and subsequently crashed due to a PSU failure after just 3 months since replacing it and therefore my reluctance to spend ant further funds on further expenses on the machine as I discovered that the cost of repairs would be approximately 75% of the cost of a new windows 10 OS (retail copy) which I have purchased to install into my new PC thus forfeiting the opportunity of accessing the old PC to remove and the original copy of the Win 8.1 OS.
    As previously mentioned unactivated copies of this same software is installed on my new machine. Surely therefore being unactivated it would be a relatively simple task to either remove, uninstall or overwrite this software and replace it with my newly acquired Windows 10 OS
    Incidently all software mentioned is 64 bit not that I believe this to have any bearing on resolving this matter.
    From what you would lead me to believe I could well have wasted my money on purchasing the new OS as it cannot be installed on the drives already containing copies of the unactivated of Win 8.1 OS?

    I look forward to your further comment on this matter.
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Revise 1TB HDD from primary to secondary drive.
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