I am using I trial version of Windows server 2012, and I am new to all of this server stuff so I am probably missing something obvious. I am trying to use a wireless adapter to connect to the internet and I have installed all of the drivers (I have tried several adapters) and it still won't show up in the bottom right of the taskbar as functioning. I have had a look online and I have found out that Windows is missing the "WLAN Auto Config" service, and I am pretty sure that this is the cause of the problem. It could be that Microsoft deliberately left out the service because its a trial, or because servers live on CAT cable, but I have attempted a wired connection to my router and that didn't work either. I have looked online and I can't seem to find any way to add these features manually.
Is there any other way I can connect to the internet using an adapter or a wire without this missing feature?

If it matters, the server is a HP ProLiant ML150 G6.