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how to: disable mousepad on win8? no 'disable' button

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    how to: disable mousepad on win8? no 'disable' button

    Exactly what the title asks..

    Nothing in mouse properties.
    Nothing in device manager.

    What am i missing? How does one disable the mousepad?!

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    That is not a Windows function so you cannot disable it in Windows without disabling the entire driver, which is not a good idea. Sadly you failed to tell us anything about your computer. Assuming a notebook, you need to look at your key labels or in your manual to see how to disable the pad. It typically is a Function key combination. On my Toshiba, Fn + F9 will disable/enable the touchpad.
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    Click image for larger version

    Thanks for the reply.
    However im very confused by the first line!
    Notice the image.. This is windows7, and can be disabled.
    This option, the disable button, is missing on my win8.

    I did fail to give machine infos.
    Its a gateway laptop, 1.4Ghz, 4gb ram, x64
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    Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. But note this still not a "standard" Windows function. That tab in Mouse Properties was added to Windows during the driver installation. Do you have the Windows 8 Synaptics Pointing Device driver installed?

    Either way, I have not seen a notebook that did not allow you to disable the mousepad via a Fn key. And you only said "Gateway laptop" (no model number) so I cannot look yours up so again, check your key labels and/or manual.

    I am assuming you want to disable this because you have attached a regular mouse to your notebook and you are tired of sending the mouse pointer across the screen when you accidently brush the pad with your thumb. What happens if you forget your mouse or it breaks, or the USB port the mouse is plugged into stops working? Can you navigate to that mouse properties page via keyboard alone to enable the pad again?

    That's why it is best to disable with the Fn key combination. Again, look on your F keys. You probably will see one with a picture of a mouse or the mousepad. The image on my Toshiba F9 key shows the mouse pad with two buttons under it and a similar image with the universal symbol for disable (circle with a line through it) over the mousepad.
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    Disregarde, disable complete.
    So much easier then i made it!! Fn6
    Thanks for the patience!
    Edit: didnt solve my issue, but atleast i figured out how to disable

    The reason is a bit more convoluted..
    I do have a usb mouse, and dont typically have issues with the pointer flying around.
    My issues is with another program/software. I still think its this other software that has a bug, but since a recent update to software, withno change to my issue, i have to explore other possibilities.(it may be my keypresses triggering the mousepad)

    Also, yes, synaptics driver installed.
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    So much easier then i made it!! Fn6
    Thanks for the patience!
    Great! Glad you got that sorted out.

    Can't help with your "convoluted" problem though - you didn't explain what it is, or the program it happens with. But I don't know of any keypresses (except the applicable Fn keys) that would "trigger" a mouse pad to do anything.
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how to: disable mousepad on win8? no 'disable' button
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