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how can i revert back to 8.1 from 10 past return date

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    how can i revert back to 8.1 from 10 past return date

    hi folks I have a Bush AC101CS bush 10 inch tablet with keyboard
    I thought I would try W.10 so I upgraded from 8.1 after 2weeks the tablet started too run real slow etc. I downgraded back too 8.1 great I thought back too normal all was well until one morning I found an important update had returned my tablet too W10 I tried to go back to W8.1but got the message unable to return past the one month grace
    so does anyone know how I could return too W8.1 or will I have too sling this machine back too argos I don't really want too if that can be avoided any suggestion's would be helpful
    thanks for your time

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    First of all, there is already a thread on our sister site Windows 10 Forums about the Win10 GoBack function being unreliable. So even if you had tried it within the 30-day limit, it's possible it still would NOT have worked.

    Since you apparently did not make an image backup before the upgrade, the only way to "return" to the former OS now would be to reinstall it from scratch.

    If your device came with Win8.1 preinstalled, you might be able to obtain Recovery Media from the seller at a greatly reduced price over what it would cost you to go out and purchase Win8.1 today. Also, that media would contain the drivers needed for your device, and if you downloaded an Win8.1 ISO from Microsoft, you would have to hunt down those drivers yourself.

    Also, if the device seller has a support forum, you could ask there what options you have. IF it's still under warranty, you might be able to get it restored for a small fee or for free.
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    thanks for your reply as it was a ms screw up I will take it back and insist on a replacement
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    Update after trying allsorts to revert back to 8.1 I gave up boxed it up and took it back too the supplier along with a load of emails from disgruntled users about Microsoft and the roll back problems etc they gave me two choices a full refund or a replacement I chose a replacement along with a 2yr guarantee (cant complain at that ) job done case closed
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how can i revert back to 8.1 from 10 past return date
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