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Asus Taichi 21 - New Battery - Not Charging

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    Asus Taichi 21 - New Battery - Not Charging


    I ordered a replacement battery from ebay. (said it was tested)

    Currently it says 0% available. Plugged in and charging.
    This is different from the dead battery that did not say charging.

    Is there anything more I need to do via the OS? (win 8.1)

    I called Asus Tech Support.
    I uninstalled and also disable the battery drivers via Dev Manager.
    I reset the bios to default.
    They wanted me to attempt a system refresh and also a full system restore. I did not attempt this.
    They say it may be a motherboard issue. And I should send in for repair.

    At this point I'd rather just buy a replacement and upgrade to the i7 version.
    Front screen touch digitizer is cracked. have it disabled though the screen works fine.
    Usb port on the left will give me data but no charging.
    Usb on the power supply is burnt out.
    Front screen has a bit of led burning and image ghosting.
    13 years with dell. never an issue. first asus laptop and nothing but failures lol.
    But I still love the laptop and would like to fix it if possible.

    Send the 65$ new battery back, ebay my broken one and buy a new one..?
    Or is this a simple fix I'm just not understanding..?
    Not sure how to test the battery I purchased..?

    Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated.


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    Send it back to whoever you got it from and ask for a refund. Too many fake products like batteries are up for sale on eBay. If I buy anything like a laptop battery. I will either get it through a local battery shop or Amazon.
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Asus Taichi 21 - New Battery - Not Charging
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