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how to fix bad block errors on HDD ?

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    how to fix bad block errors on HDD ?

    I found (2) bad blocks errors, I used MiniTool partition but Windows tool didn't find any thing !!!
    I looked up on the net and I found that only software errors could fix.
    How do I know if it hardware or software errors ?
    and how do fx the software's one ?

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    how to fix bad block errors on HDD
    My fix: backup content asap & buy a new hd.
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    Block errors indicate a failing hard drive. No software can fix hardware failures -- no matter what the software provider claims.

    The sooner you copy the contents onto a new drive, the better your chance of saving its current contents.
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    I agree with both of the above. You can certainly run the HD makers diagnostics (downloaded from their site) or run chkdsk /r on the drive in an attempt to recover any corrupt data, but this is typically a sign the drive is failing. And typically, once they start to fail, they will continue to fail.

    You need to immediately back up any data you don't want to lose.
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    Use HDD Regenerator for the Errors and TestDisk to get the data off the drive, then replace the HDD.

    I had once a customer with the whole Daily-Photo- / Video-Diary of their little daughter on an external HDD, which was not accessible anymore the normal way, but still showed-up in the Computer-Management and I used the above tools to get the stuff off the HDD and only lost 2 (!) Photos.

    External Hard-Drive not accessible. 57.985 Bad Sectors recovered. 25.7GB Data recovered.
    It took me a whole week (day & night), but it was worth it.

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how to fix bad block errors on HDD ?
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