I am using multiple Win 8.1 touch enabled setups, up to a 3 monitor touch enabled setup with a second user, but the problem I am having is that touch inputs are treated like mouse inputs, and I would like to mouse and touch separately.

I run theatrical lighting systems and in show settings some button presses are best touch, others best when moused. Sometimes I need to click on a button with mouse and hold as the action doesn't happen until I release the click. But at the same time I need to touch another button.

Ultimately I am looking for touch and mouse to be independent of each other because I would like to do both simultaneously, and if I can do that I need to be able tweak the mouse and touch settings to behave differently.

For example: A momentary or "Flash" button engages with a mouse click until I release it. A latched or regular button engages when I release it. But if I do flash button as a touch input the system thinks it is a long touch and gives me the right click context menu of the flash button. To engage a flash button with touch I have to double press. And on a latched button a touch input engages the button once pressed, not when released.

Any ideas?

I didn't list any system specs because I use multiple Win 8 systems to operate my lighting show depending on venue and size of rig. I may use a touch Win 8.1 Notebook, to Win 8.1 convertibles running up to 3 touch screen monitors. And sometimes I use an old Win 7 non-touch to remote into my setup at FOH to walk around the stage and do lighting focuses in place.