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SSD with dell lx502 laptop : error disk writting ID 129

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    Windows 8.1

    SSD with dell lx502 laptop : error disk writting ID 129

    I have a dell laptop with an i7, a lx502 , and a samsung 512Mo ssd, runing windows x64 8.1

    When I want to update to Win 10, the 5 gb file never gets downloaded (very slowly, in say 2hrs) and the pc get frozen at 20%, only power cycle can restart it.
    Sometimes, the SSD is not detected anymore by the Bios. I need to remove the battery and wait several minutes.

    I have these messages in the event log

    -Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.
    -The IO operation at logical block address xxxx for Disk X was retried.

    This is like the hard disk gets disconnected from the PC

    I found this
    Windows 8 Freezes or Hangs: The Fix that Worked for Me | Scottie

    not working, and the BIOS does not feature hot swap

    Tried this
    AHCI Link Power Management - Enable HIPM and DIPM - Windows 7 Help Forums

    not working

    Tried to disable PCI sleep and so on...
    For sure this is a bug from windows 8, the disk is Ok because I have written at the same time several gigabytes (500) , and have not a single error.
    This is something related to power saving I'm sure.

    If anyone has an idea to overcome this ...


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    It is possible that your SSD is failing, or that since your laptop is over 4 years old, that the hardware is starting to fail.
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    Windows 8.1

    I had no issue with windows 7, and when I copy a huge amount of data to the disk, I have not a single message into the event log file.
    I did a deep chkdsk, and there is no error at all.
    The SSD is two years old and Samsung magician does not report any error.

    I tried
    bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    It seems better, because I could download up to 75% of the file, but then failed again.
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    Again if it is failing, that means that there is an issue with your SSD or the SATA chipset on the laptop motherboard. Four year old laptop failing. You can either get a new motherboard for $142, and risk some other item failing and keep plugging money into it. Or go and purchase a newer laptop that is faster and better than the one you have now, for a 1/3 of what you paid for the old one.
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    Windows 8.1

    "Four year old laptop"
    I was bought in June 2012, so this is three year.
    You do not have a better answer ? Why you are so sure this is an hardware failure ?
    You consider that after three years a laptop shall be thrown away ?

    This is NOT an hardware issue I'm 100% sure. This PC was working fine with Windows 7 last month, I should have never gone to windows 8.1, that indeed does not bring ANY added value but making the impression your PC has an hardware failure (?)
    This laptop is in a perfect shape and looks brand new.
    This is an i7 with 8Gb of ram and 512 Gb SSD.

    By the way, I could overcome this issue by installing windows 10 and get rid of Windows 8.1 that is buggy and a real catastrophic failure.
    With windows 10 , no issue anymore, the problem solved (or say seems to, it would be arrogant to say that just after some hours of tests, I'll let you know)
    So do not use windows 8 / 8.1, this is a pain in the neck !! I was about to go back to windows 7, but I gave a chance to window 10, that was the right idea, I think.

    So now shall I throw away this laptop and buy a new one ?
    This is like programmed obsolescence by crapware injected into your hardware ?

    The only answer is to get rid of windows 8.1, and bye bye to it !
    I did that with another PC, coming back to windows 7 and it solved my issues.
    There is NO point releasing a major OS update like this, rushing, and delivering bad product like this.
    Windows 8 / 8.1 was not adopted by MANY users, why ? Not only the user interface...
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    That laptop started to be produced in 2011. Even at three years old, I have seen laptops and desktops start to have motherboard problems.

    As it stands now, there are starting to be a lot of hardware problems being found with older hardware that was not tested with 10. Also it is having a problem with buffering with videos.

    Until Microsoft gets the bugs worked out, you are better holding off for six months to a year.
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    Windows 8.1

    " I have seen laptops and desktops start to have motherboard problems."
    I agree; this could happen.

    Now let's go back to my case.
    This is for sure a SATA driver issue with this setup ->

    Intel sandy bridge + I7 2720QM
    + SSD Samsung 840 series

    Now I think this is an INTEL driver issue, because when I compare the Intel® 6 series /c200 SATA driver between Win 8.1 and Win 10, there are not the same. So now it goes to INTEL... I thought MS and Intel were married and could offer good drivers ?
    Running with win 10 for many hours with the laptop, the issue is solved now. It was a SATA driver issue.
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SSD with dell lx502 laptop : error disk writting ID 129
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