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Urgent | Headphones not working with Realtek

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    Urgent | Headphones not working with Realtek

    I just got a new PC, it was all working fine until just now - I've had it for less than a week.
    It's the Asus G551JM Gaming Laptop with Windows 8.1 and using headphones through a jack.

    I was listening to audio when all of a sudden the audio cut out. Naturally I looked under 'playback devices' to find Realtek was still the default and that sound was supposedly still coming out. I unplugged the headphones and the music played through the speakers as normal. Then I plugged the headphones back in to the jack and nothing. I tried a different pair of headphones and no luck. I thought it was the headphones so I tried them both in another device and they worked perfectly.

    I really need help with fixing this issue as I work with audio, can anyone offer advice? Thanks.

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    What version of the drivers are you using? Also check in the event log to check if it was a driver crash or something
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Urgent | Headphones not working with Realtek
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