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RAM defects?

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    windows 8 RT

    Bcdedit /enum all output Windows RT?

    I have a problem with asus vivotab tf600t. Windows rt in it crashed and I installed a working image from another device. Seemed to go ok but I get a bfsvc warning failed to open handle to fwbootmgr status c0000034. Apparently it is fatal since Windows gives 0cx0000001 error and never starts.

    I run bcdedit /enum all to see why fwbootmgr is not available, and see that indeed it is not listed anywhere!

    Windows Boot Manager
    identifier {bootmgr}
    device partition=S:
    path \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi
    description Windows Boot Manager
    locale en-US
    inherit {globalsettings}
    default {default}
    displayorder {default}
    timeout 30
    Windows Boot Loader
    identifier {default}
    device partition=W:
    path \Windows\system32\winload.efi
    description Windows RT
    locale en-us
    inherit {bootloadersettings}
    isolatedcontext Yes
    allowedinmemorysettings 0x15000075
    osdevice partition=W:
    systemroot \Windows
    nx AlwaysOn
    bootmenupolicy Standard
    detecthal Yes
    EMS Settings
    identifier {emssettings}
    bootems No
    Debugger Settings
    identifier {dbgsettings}
    debugtype Serial
    debugport 1
    baudrate 115200
    RAM Defects
    identifier {badmemory}
    Global Settings
    identifier {globalsettings}
    inherit {dbgsettings}
    Boot Loader Settings
    identifier {bootloadersettings}
    inherit {globalsettings}
    Hypervisor Settings
    identifier {hypervisorsettings}
    hypervisordebugtype Serial
    hypervisordebugport 1
    hypervisorbaudrate 115200

    Attached the bcdedit /enum all output.. What is wrong with it?

    Is that the end of my Asus? I am no guru in computers so don't really know what it means .. Can it be fixed? Is it hardware problem or something I can fix by configuration? Thanks..
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RAM defects?
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