Hi Everyone,

The organisation that I work for is in the process of deploying a fleet of Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 tables (FZ-G1 Tablet - Panasonic Australia).

The units which we have purchased so far have the added GPS module, and they will be used for asset management on a large work site.

My concern is that these units are quite expensive and that they may get lost.

Are there any 3rd party GPS tracking software packages available which we can install onto the Toughpads in the hope of locating them should they get lost? I understand that the software will require a the Toughpads to have battery power in order to track them in real time, but on the chance that they are flat I will need software that can give me a last know location.

If you know of any software like this can you please share?

Kind Regards,