Surely someone has required a similar setup before...here goes.

Toshiba WT7-C tablet - Windows 8.1 x86
Toshiba R700 laptop - Windows 8.1 x64

To Control my laptop (open files, folders, play music, mirror screen) using tablet and it's touchscreen capabilities via any means (Teamviewer?/Network?/USB?/Dynadock docking station) from only a couple of metres away.

Assume no Wi-Fi connection available - prefer hard wired connections to reduce connection times/wifi router bootup times
I have a hard wired router ( non wifi) that is spare and could be used but tablet only has micro USB port connection
Assume a <$100 budget

This is a setup for my campervan. I have a laptop permanently mounted in the back and it's always on (except when it sleeps plus it's running from leisure battery). I want the laptop to become my media centre; being able to play music whilst driving and also watch films/TV/music when we stop for the night. The reason I want to run it via the tablet is because I don't want to have to keep moving the laptop around from the front to the back and I want interaction to be easy via a touchscreen whilst we're driving. Am I able to use a dynadock (which I already have and have a power socket) as the bridge between them somehow?

All suggestions are welcome and apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum space