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Sodimm ram slots 1 of 2

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    Windows 10 Home Premium 64-bit

    Sodimm ram slots 1 of 2


    Why does my computer (task manager) show that there is 2 slots of ram and 1 is empty? I have disassembled it to look at the motherboard and there is no ram slots at on the board, the ram is a soldered chip straight onto the motherboard, cpu-z also shows 2 slots available, 1 used and 1 empty, i'm confused now as I wanted to upgrade the memory but not sure if I can with it being soldered to the motherboard and any software I use always shows 2 slots, steam also show 2 slots , I have attached a screenshot of my task manager circled in red to show you what it shows, is this something new could I unlock this empty slot to use? Or is this just a glitch, I can't see why as 3 different programmes report there is 2 slots, 1 is used with 1gb the other is empty... Anyway

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    I have disassembled it to look at the motherboard and there is no ram slots at on the board, the ram is a soldered chip straight onto the motherboard
    What motherboard are you referring to?

    I don't think you are looking in the right place. I do not recall ever seeing a PC motherboard with "surface mounted" (soldered) system RAM and I've seen 100s if not over a 1000 boards in my time. Is the ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0 listed in your system specs the motherboard you are talking about? If so, then your specs also say it has only 1 x 8Gb stick installed. And as seen here that board has 4 RAM slots available (those 4 long, black slots in the lower right), not surfaced mounted RAM.

    So we need to know exactly what hardware we are talking about first.

    Then, if it is that ASRock as listed in your specs and if it does have 8Gb installed, then there is still a problem because Task Manager is only showing 1Gb installed, not 8Gb.
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    Windows 10 Home Premium 64-bit


    I am really sorry I did not put the mobo up :P it is a tablet - Bush, windows 8.1 with bing, it is a bay trail type 2 board, it has M890bcp on the mobo it self
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    A tablet? Well that's a whole different ballgame.

    I don't know why TM or CPU-z say two slots. I suspect it is because Windows TM and CPU-z were designed for PCs and notebooks, not tablets. And I also suspect that tablet came in several models, including one with more RAM.
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    Many Laptops come with 1 soldered in RAM Module, often 4 GB and one socket for extra RAM, that usually limits max RAM to 12 GB (4 GB + 8 GB) rather than 16 GB and reverts to single channel mode.

    What you appear to have is 1 GB soldered in RAM that will be in single channel mode. That there is no actual socket for extra RAM does not matter.

    So no, you cannot upgrade RAM easily.
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    Well, again, I've never seen a real notebook with surface mounted RAM. Hybrid tablet/notebooks, yes. But I certainly have not seen everyone ever made either.
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Sodimm ram slots 1 of 2
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