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Internal Hard Drive Recovery I/O Troubles

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    Internal Hard Drive Recovery I/O Troubles

    I have a Western Digital Caviar 31600 IDE HDD that won't show up in file explorer. When I check disk management, it first gives me a popup asking which way to initialize the device (MBR or GPT). Neither work. After closing the prompt, an error pops up stating "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. The hard drive doesn't appear to have anything wrong with it (hardware wise, anyway), and the adapter I'm using is a Sabrent USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure. It's been tested on another drive, a Seagate Barracuda, and it worked fine.
    I've tried reinstalling drivers, restarting the computer, and yes, turning it off and on again. The information on the drive isn't exceedingly critical or anything, but I don't want to just re-format the drive. Old pictures and music, you know?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi there,
    Initializing the HDD will delete all its contents, so if you want to recover the data from this HDD don't initialize it. It's highly probable that the PC cannot read the HDD because of the enclosure. Try connecting it internally to the PC or with a PATA to USB adapter cable. Also make sure that you remove the jumper from the HDD. Good luck.
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    The enclosure has definitely worked on another drive, but if you think it'll make a difference, I'll give it a shot.
    I tried several different jumper configurations, including removed, but no change.
    I can't internalize it, because it uses IDE, but I thought the enclosure did the same thing as a SATA/IDE to USB adapter? It's not as if the case that comes with the enclosure (the encloser itself) does anything for the process.
    Thanks for your suggestions, I'll give them a shot.
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    I've come across several cases where an HDD won't work with external enclosure but will work with a simple PATA/SATA to USB adapter. Normally both should do the same but practice proves otherwise.
    Another thing you could is to check if WD DLG will detect the HDD youcan download it here.
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Internal Hard Drive Recovery I/O Troubles
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