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Toshiba laptop keyboard is buggy

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    Toshiba laptop keyboard is buggy

    (Im sorry ahead of time for this being so long)

    I've had my laptop for 6 months almost exactly and in mid-May I started having an issue with my function keys. I had my laptop setup to have F5-6-7 as skip back, play, and skip backward because I frequently watch videos on VLC or listen to music on WMP. Those three buttons started to not work at all as soon as I had another program open (I noticed it most when I opened chrome). I am a blogger so music is usually always playing when I'm on Tumblr, but back to the point. After a week or 2 of searching everywhere for a fix and opening a post on the Toshiba forums and getting no help at all I went to a restore point a week and half before it happened. The issue stopped but my laptop's speed dropped to where it was almost unusable and anytime I typed on the keyboard it did more gibberish than actual letters. I downloaded a 8.1 factory ISO from Microsoft's website to wipe and fix anything that might be wrong. It worked but I had to reinstall Toshiba drivers so I could have the correct drivers for my screen, function keys, and my processor. Now I'm back to a buggy keyboard. The problem seems to lie in those drivers but I don't know how to fix the problem and keep full functionality. But as someone who likes to write I really need my keyboard to work properly.

    An example (off my memory) of what it does it when I press backspace it types /w3 (or something like that).

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me fix this. Thanks.

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    The company that makes all of the keyboards for all OEM's. They have been getting a lot of keyboards that fail after a while. You should be able to have Toshiba swap out keyboards, since you are less than a year, and this is a common event that is now going on two years.

    I have two Toshiba Satellite laptops, same model. One I have only had to replace the keyboard one time (took forever for the repair center to finally get a keyboard that was not smashed, broken in half, failed when installed). It was over a year, so I paid around $200.00 for them to fix. Even with going on 3 months, I could not get them to budge on taking at least 25% off of the repair costs, because of their failure to uphold a 30 day turn around period as I was promised under my business contract with them.

    The other one we have, it is starting to have symptoms on the second keyboard installed after the first failed. It is only on the number pads, but still is something that should not be happening. That one failed after a year and a half of use.

    If you have someone local that can do the work. You can get the keyboard online at or at Laptop Parts & Repair - which sells OEM and compatible keyboard units. I have dealt with them in the past for a Compaq Laptop I had a while back. Quick turn around on the repair.

    The two units for my C850d-st3nx1 is $60 for OEM, $30 for Compatible.
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Toshiba laptop keyboard is buggy
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