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windows can`t load network adapter driver after a thunder

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    Quote Originally Posted by TairikuOkami View Post
    Surge protections include an ethernet protection as well. I have one myself, it is worth to pay $20 to protect appliances worth a few hundreds/thousands, it works forever, unless it gets hit (work done), then replace it.

    Once someone is told a surge protector is surge protection, then unlearning that myth is hard. Reality was posted.
    No protector does protection. Protection is always about where hundreds of thousands of joules harmlessly dissipate - outside and in earth.
    How many joules does Belkin claim to absorb? How does its 2 cm part block a surge that three miles of sky could not? If you know the Belkin is useful, then those questions are easily answered.

    Also amazing is how a warranty, full of exemptions, is somehow technical proof. Let's learn about other experiences with Belkin - from Newsman in SONY TiVo SVR-2000.
    I got a Belkin surge protector with phone line protection soley for Tivo purposes.
    Yet my Tivo's modem still failed. And the '$20,000 connected devices warranty' did not help me. I jumped through many hoops, including finding the original recept for the surge protector (just under a year old) and I sent my surge protector to Belkin (paid for shipping), and was denied my warranty. They gave me a ton of crap, including that it was null and void b/c the Tivo was also connected to the coax line for cable (this was not mentioned as a thing in the warranty that can nullify it). Eventually it boiled down to a line in the warranty that said "Belkin at it's sole discretion can reject any claim for any reason".
    That warranty has numerous fine print exemptions. Read its numeric specifications. It does not claim to protect from surges that typically do damage. Where is best protection? Ethernet ports already withstand up to 2000 volts without damage. Best protection is already inside the appliance.

    Any protector that gets hit and then must be replaced is a scam. Effective protectors earth direct lightning strikes and remain functional. One need not pay $20 per protected appliance. The solution proven by over 100 years of science and experience costs about $1 per. And is need to protect that Belkin protector.

    You have assumed a protector will somehow block or absorb a surge on Ethernet. Good luck finding any specification that says that. A Belkin is near zero protection. It does not claim to protect from surges that can overwhelm the existing 2000 volt protection already in ethernet ports.

    However show me. Show me Belkin specifications that say otherwise. Not subjective claims. Show me the numbers.

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    Win 8.1.1 Pro x64

    Well that fact is, that as long i use it, my devices are as stable as ever.
    If you know, how a breaker work, you can not deny, that it works.
    Nothing works 100%, if you want a perfection, pray to a god.
    I have proven many scientific claims to be invalid by myself.
    I love scientists, who saw something themselves and yet claimed, it is not possible.
    They forgot, that in the past, the world was flat or that anything heavier than an air could not fly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TairikuOkami View Post
    If you know, how a breaker work, you can not deny, that it works.
    Belkin clearly does not protect by disconnecting (a breaker). You should know that for so many reasons - all defined by numbers.

    For example, a surge is a microsecond event. How does a breaker (that takes milliseconds or seconds to respond) block a surge that is done in microseconds? It doesn't.

    How does a breaker that creates a millimeters gap stop something not even stopped by 3 kilometers of air? It doesn't. Clearly breakers are irrelevant.

    Breakers are for protecting human life. A breaker trips AFTER an appliance is damaged. So that resulting damage does not cause a fire and threaten human life.

    And finally, a Belkin does not protect by tripping a breaker. That breaker must even exist in power strips that are not surge protectors. That breaker is required for a completely different anomaly - overloading. Because a fire might otherwise result.

    Nothing is 100%. IEEE also provides numbers. A consumer earths one 'whole house' protector for 99.5% to 99.9% of the protection. A Belkin might do an additional 0.2% protection. And can compromise protection inside adjacent appliances IF a 'whole house' protector is not properly installed. Belkin is promoted to and by consumers who ignore numbers - such as many posted here and earlier. Why would anyone spend tens or 100 times more money for a Belkin? Because its breaker might trip after 300 consecutive surges passed through it?

    So many numbers - all damning.
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windows can`t load network adapter driver after a thunder
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