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Bluetooth Mouse - problems removing or re-pairing

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    Bluetooth Mouse - problems removing or re-pairing


    After spending over 8 hours yesterday trying to get my Bluetooth mouse to cooperate I have finally reached the end of my tether.

    Here's the story of events...

    • Pair Bluetooth mouse, all works ok
    • Use mouse with a different laptop (Win7 x64) (I do occasionally use it on other devices, it all depends on what work I am doing)
    • Come back to use it with Win8.1 laptop and no matter what I do I cannot re-pair it.

    Now I understand that once paired a mouse will try and connect with the paired device and works successfully. Now if I then use it with another PC the mouse won't try and connect as normal and the PC will have to initiate the connection or the device be deleted and re-paired.

    In Windows 7 it has simply been a matter of going to Bluetooth devices and sometimes just right clicking and going to 'Connect' will work, other times just delete it and redo the pairing.

    Problem is that in Windows 8 the mouse just doesn't appear in devices (whether it is working or not). So I can't right click and 'connect' nor can I delete it and do the pairing again. It is in Device Manager in Bluetooth devices and also in HID devices as a Bluetooth HID device.

    No matter how I delete these they just reappear. Obviously adding a 'new' bluetooth device windows won't find it as it has 'already been paired'.

    Things I've tried so far... (pretty much everything I can find on the net about similar issues)
    • Re install bluetooth drivers
    • Edit registry to delete the BTHEN entries relating to the devices
    • Edited the user and startup mode of the Bluetooth services
    • I have also used a different bluetooth mouse and can duplicate the behaviour so I actually have two Bluetooth mice listed in device manager and the mice both work fine on a variety of other devices.

    Sorry for the long post but this is driving me mad!

    Fingers crossed someone can help me

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    What kind of mouse do you have? Is there a specific driver you can download from the manufactures website that offers more compatibility?
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Bluetooth Mouse - problems removing or re-pairing
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