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repair my 64GB SD card which can't be opened and formatted

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    repair my 64GB SD card which can't be opened and formatted

    64GB SD card doesn’t work! It reports “please insert a disk into removable disk” when I try to open it in My Computer, and it can’t be formatted either and it reports error “Windows couldn’t …format”!!
    I’ve searched this question online a whole day and tried all possible solutions found online, such as format it in Disk Management or with Command line. None of them works. I post question here to seek help from you. Are there other solutions to fix it? Thanks!

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    There are sadly too many fake 64GB cards out there. It’s really difficult to repair USB drives when they get badly physical damage. I’ve experienced same problem with my USB drive. I couldn’t open it and see its correct size in My Computer. Neither Disk Management nor Command Prompt is able to reformat or fix it. It seems that the memory chip is damaged, which leads to system can’t format it. Another reason of such problem might be bad sectors which can’t be read or written. Since formatting is a sort of writing operation and rewrites file system. Thus if the drive has bad sectors, then it can’t be formatted.
    In a word, if you can’t repair it by yourself, then buying a new SD card is a batter choice.
    How to fix - Windows was unable to complete the format error on USB drive
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    I bought a 64gb micro SD card for my phone. I tried to format it on my PC to FAT32 format and Windows could not do it. I put it in my Android phone and the phone asked if I wanted to format it. I said yes and it worked. So if you or a friend have an Android phone you may want to give it a try.
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repair my 64GB SD card which can't be opened and formatted
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