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How do I recover an un-allocated partition

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    How do I recover an un-allocated partition

    I did a clean install from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 but since the upgrade I seem to have lost a partition on my 3TB HDD
    Under disk manager it shows the partition as un-allocated.

    I have used a recovery tool to recover the data on that partition so that, that partition can be formatted.

    How do I go about doing this as most of the software I've tried does not work

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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    at a command prompt (admin) type
    list disk

    Does Diskpart show disk 1 as a GPT disk ?? Because if the disk is MBR there is a 2TB size limit and the disk will need to be converted to GPT in order to use the 3TB
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    Windows 10

    If the disk is MBR there is a 2TB size limit and the disk will need to be converted to GPT in order to use the 3TB.

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    Right-click on the disk and select Convert to GPT Disk (see screenshot below).

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    If that disk originally had a single 3 TB partition, it was initialized as "GPT", not the more commonly found MBR. MBR partitions are limited to 2.2 TB. Try to use other partition tools such as Fdisk, EaseUS Partition Master. PS. back up you data in the future in case of similar problem.
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    if it can't be formatted, there must be physical problem with the drive. after files are well backed up, you can check and repair bad sectors for it. also, it still within warranty, you can seek help from tech-support
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    from the screenshot i can tell , your disk is now shown as MBR disk which has a limit of 2 tb. I suggest you first backup your disk in case any thing goes wrong, and convert it to gpt disk with some free software ,such as aomei partition assistant. then you can use the data recovery tools to get your data back.
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How do I recover an un-allocated partition
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