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Help!!Battery:Plugged In,Charging(but not really charging)

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    Win 8.1 Pro 32bit OS

    Help!!Battery:Plugged In,Charging(but not really charging)

    Need Help!

    The problem started from June 2, 2015 about 4 AM (UTC +8:00 Philippine, Manila)

    I open my Notebook that morning to check on my e-mails and bills at gmail but it's not powering up. At first I thought that the battery was slightly drained because I saw my sister still using it at midnight. I asked her if she did not plugged in the charger when it is nearly drained but she said she plugged it and it is still full when she shut it down.

    It is Li-ion Battery

    I tried plugging in the charger to check whether it still has remaining battery. It powered up.
    On the taskbar/notifications/running apps it says 8% Available (Plugged In, Charging).
    So to check out the problem, I left it turned off charging for about two hours.

    Then after two hours it still says 8% Available (Plugged In, Charging)
    What the hell is this?! I asked my self.
    I installed an app to check the status of the battery (Battery Bar)
    Battery Bar says something like this:
    Capacity: 2K of 8K mWh (not sure about this)
    Charging: 0 mW
    Running on AC
    7.9% Available
    Something like that.

    Summary Notes:
    1. Does not power up without Charger
    2. It detects the Battery saying 8% Available (Plugged In, Charging)
    3. Though Plugged In, Charging it does not charge at all because of 0 mW charge rate
    4. It turns off when the Charger is plugged out.
    5. It still run even without the Battery (when the Charger was plugged in of course, then a red x mark shows in the notification taskbar battery icon)

    1. The problem is somewhere in the Laptop or in the Battery
    2. It is not the battery ports/connectors nor in the charger connector because the OS still can detect it.

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    How old is it? Most likely the battery if you use it a lot on battery power, not plugged in.
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    Win 8.1 Pro 32bit OS

    Past three years now. Most of the time it is plugged in.
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Help!!Battery:Plugged In,Charging(but not really charging)
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