I have a Belkin F5D7050 Wi-Fi USB stick that I use, everytime I install it and reboot it does not work?? Iam using Windows 8 64-Bit

I remember having some issues installing it in Windows 7 64-Bit so followed same methods of manual install via devmgr using "have disk" and choosing the .INF file

i have had to uninstall it many times and re-install

ive tried running the installer in compat mode for win7 , Vista and tried manual install, it works...but soon as I reboot its not working

can anyone help?

Iam having another issue with smaller font sizes whereby they seem fuzzy/blurry one second and then go 'sharp' the next - particularly on Facebook and my forum , if I highlight text on Facebook i can see it go fuzzy, if i click off it and highlight some other text it sharpens the one previously highlighted??