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Go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > hardware tab > Driver installation settings, Change it to No, let me decide what to do.
First of all my apologies for my post after yours. I did not see it and was just adding more information. Now for some good news:

I did what you said and it seems to be working. By doing what you said the Microsoft driver loaded and is working just great. I am not a fan of updating drivers anyway. I have seen more issues when updating drivers automatically. I can't recall when updating a driver actually resolved a problem. My research tells me if its not broke don't fix it. Thank you for your help.\

I'll let it go till the morning then come back and mark solved.

5/29/15: Today it is still working great. One additional step was to hide the update for the Synaptics driver. When the laptop checks for Windows updates it will include the driver therefore I had to hide it to prevent it from loading.

Thanks again for all your help.
That happens, I've missed posts like that too. Glad that worked for you.