First things first, this is wonderful site. Very helpfully and serious people, thing it's not so easy to find in the net.
I have serious doubts between the dell venue 11 pro i5-4300y and the Chinese cube i7 with the core m. The cube is slightly cheaper. But I don't care to spent few dollars more for reliable company like dell, if it's not less good in performance.
What I need is tablet that can replace my laptop as workhorse. I use a lot office jobs and multimedia (photoshop), and I also want it to be able to run games fine. Not the newest, thing like skyrim and starcraft 2.
What should i choose? The i5-4300y dell or the m-510y? Which one of them is have better performance? And if the cube i7 is way more good for my needs, does the risk of buying so expensive product, without any warranty or usable lab around? I want this computer for five years at least.