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ASUS TransformerBook tablet stuck on installing update

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    ASUS TransformerBook tablet stuck on installing update


    My ASUS Transformerbook Tablet (runs windows 8.1 64-bit) has gotten stuck while trying to install an update.

    It happened after skype crashed and wouldn't reconnect for the second time the same evening, and I decided to reboot.

    As per usual when an update has been installed with windows 8, it attempted to apply the update, but it froze, and has been stuck trying to install the update for more than 24 hours now.

    I have tried to turn the PC off, but for some reason, the power button on the tablet isn't letting me, no matter if I hold it, or if I press it quickly.

    I tried unplugging it and letting it run out of power. When this is about to happen, it enters hibernation mode, and when I charge again, it just resumes the same update screen.

    It's not possible for me to remove the battery, as it's a tablet.

    I'm not sure what to do from here.

    Any ideas would be VERY appreciated.

    Again, I want to emphasize that I cannot get to the battery, as the tablet doesn't have any screws or any means of accessing the battery. I'd have to literally break it apart to get to the battery.


    The problem finally solved itself, but it seems the update wasn't even installed.
    I'd still like a means of preventing it from taking over 24 hours to get my PC operational again in the future.

    In addition, I'd like to add, that I own two computers with windows 8, and the specs listed in my user are for my desktop, and the issue I'm having is for my laptop, so no specs are listed for it under my user, but it's an ASUS Transformerbook T200T, that I've upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

    It is 64 bit, but not PRO like my Desktop.

    In case someone might know how to handle this issue on another tablet, but isn't familiar with this one, I'd like to provide some basic info on the T200T.

    It features four buttons:
    Volume up and down
    A button that functions like a windows key
    The power button.

    The tablet docks directly on a keyboard that features a touch pad, but said keyboard has no booting options, works essentially as if you'd plucked in a keyboard and mouse, though it does have the option of integrating a storage device, like an HDD or an SSD.

    Pressing the power button normally causes the tablet to hibernate, but I changed the function in windows settings.

    The Tablet generally has a problematic power button, and lot's of users have had some issues with it. If it's pressed too quickly, when the device is off, it simply flashes a screen that indicates the current battery status of the device. The device will not start (obviously) if there is no power, but it still flashes a screen that indicates that battery life is too low to start, suggesting that it has some hard-wired settings that keeps it from expending all it's battery power.

    These hardwired functions might cause problems, and I have no idea how to deactivate them.

    I hope this additional information will expedite an answer.
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ASUS TransformerBook tablet stuck on installing update
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