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SD Cards No Longer Recognised

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    SD Cards No Longer Recognised


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L870 running Windows 8.1.

    It has an SD card slot on the front of it which I have used with no problems for quite a while. However, for the last couple of months, it has become temperamental, sometimes recognising the card and sometimes not. The other day, it has given up entirely and refuses to recognise any SD card.

    I have an external USB card reader which I have tried to use, but it is also refusing to recognise the SD card.

    This is where it gets a bit confusing. If I insert a 1gb SD card I have, the card reader recognises it and I can use it. However, it won't recognise two 32gb SD cards that I have. I have tested these on another laptop and they are both working fine. The 1gb SD card doesn't work in the front slot though.

    Does anyone have any idea why I am having these problems?

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    You can try to check with the manufacturer website if they have:
    1. Latest BIOS
    2. Latest Driver for SD slot.
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    Follow directions in this MS article, see if that helps: Advanced troubleshooting tips for general USB problems in Windows XP

    If not, try this:
    • Shutdown and unplug all USB devices.
    • Boot to BIOS Setup and load defaults (F5 or F9 usually).
    • Boot your computer and create a new Environment variable called devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices and set it's value to 1 as follows:
      • Right click on My Computer and select Properties
        • XP - Click on the Advanced tab
        • Vista or Windows 7 - Click on ]Advanced System Settings in left pane.

      • Click on the Environmental Variables button
      • Click the New button under the User variables for xxxxx" area.
      • Set the Variable name as: devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices
      • Set the Variable value to: 1
      • Click OK as needed to close all the windows you opened.

    • Open Device Manager (Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, Device Manager)
    • Click on View then Show hidden devices.
    • Scroll down to USB and click on the plus to expand it.
    • Uninstall the ones that are somewhat greyed out (indicates not connected). DO NOT uninstall your mouse if you are using a USB mouse.
    • Shutdown and reboot, let Windows rediscover everything and load necessary drivers. This can take a few minutes, be patient.

    Then try the SD card again.
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I have followed these steps but I'm still having the same result.

    Interestingly, the USB card reader I have also has an old CF card in it. If I have the 32gb SD card in at the same time, it doesn't work. However, as soon as I take the SD card out, I can use the CF card.
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    Maybe the CF card has gone bad.
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    The CF card seems to be working ok. I've also tried removing it from the card reader, but it doesn't make any difference unfortunately.
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    Can you try the card on another computer?
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    I've tried that and all of the cards work perfectly, so it seems isolated to just this laptop.
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    Does it work if you boot to Safe Mode?

    Posted by Macboatmaster on G2G

    Windows key + C.
    Hold shift key and click RESTART.
    Click on Advanced Options then Startup Settings.
    Click Restart and you have almost the full advanced Boot Options menu like XP, Vista or Win 7.
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    I have tried restarting the laptop in safe mode, but I am getting exactly the same results unfortunately!
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SD Cards No Longer Recognised
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