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How can I track down bad driver causing system interrupts?

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    How can I track down bad driver causing system interrupts?

    I have an HP laptop (HP g7-1320dx) that I am trying to put Windows 8 on. After installing and even in safe mode the CPU is pegged with system interrupts. 30-40% consistently. I have another HP laptop that I can use a donor so ... I swapped out the RAM, hard drive (spindle and SSD), the DVD drive, the wireless card, remove all USB devices, different power adapter, with and without battery, only batter with no power adapter. I also tried disabling (in device mgr) the sound, the web cam, anything I can disable that isn't necessary. All drivers are updated. I tried both HP's drivers and direct from manufacturer where I could (realtek, AMD). Rebuilt a few times.
    There is one unknown device which I have not been able to track down a driver for. I don't think that would cause the issue though since the driver wouldn't be loaded.
    Perhaps this isn't a driver issue and the system interrupts are from something else. But in my experience (I'm a sys admin) and from all my googling system interrupts = bad driver.
    Anyone know a good way to track down what driver it is? It's obviously something I cannot swap out or disable.

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    Download and run the free Resplendence Latency Mon program. It may help in diagnosing what is causing the problem.
    Resplendence Software - Advanced System Tools and Developer Components

    No guarantee that it will help, but it is a start.
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    I've been using their Registrar Registry Manager for awhile now; cautiously, carefully, with good results.
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    I'll give that a shot, thanks! I did install the AMD driver, but windows did as well. I think I can force it to use the older version though.

    Update: THANK YOU! That fixed the issue, all I actually had to do was roll back the driver.
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    I think I can force it to use the older version though.
    Turning off automatic driver update will let you test the older version (maybe that's what you already had in mind
    Micro Center Tech Support Online - How to enable/disable automatic driver installation for Windows 8
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    Great suggestion, thanks!
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How can I track down bad driver causing system interrupts?
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