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Normal CPU Temperatures?

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    According to your CoreTemp screen shot, you have the i7 975 XE CPU. And according to the Intel specs for your CPU, the Tcase maximum temperature allowed is 67.9C (154.2F). FTR, typically computer temps are measured in Celsius and 165F=73.9C and is too high.

    Tcase (Case Temperature) is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS). Note that no TJunction value is given.

    I have a Cooler Master Hyper T4 Heatpipe CPU Cooler on the CPU and a rear case fan and a large (about 8 inches) fan on the side panel and of course the power supply fan. I would think it would run cooler than this.
    It should.

    I don't like my CPU temps to go over 60C (140F) and sit there for more than a couple seconds. When they do sit over 60C, that is typically a warning to me that I need to clean out the heat-trapping dust the case fans drew into the interior.

    Note it is the case's job to supply the interior with a decent supply of cool air "flowing" through the case. It has been my experience that side panel fans often disrupt that flow and, in some cases, can be counterproductive to the cooling process. The exception is when the side fan fires into a tube that channels the flow directly onto the CPU or GPU (depending on position). This is not a concrete rule however as some cases provide great cooling with side panel fans.

    You need to inspect the interior of your case and make sure it, the fans and vents are all clean of heat trapping dust. You may need to add another case fan to increase air flow, preferably in back to aid in exhausting heated air out, or in front to pull cool air in. "Blowhole" fans on top exhausting heated air out can be very effective too.

    And contrary to what many believe and will tell you (and to what 3rd-party cooler makers claim), today's OEM coolers are excellent and more than adequate at keeping their CPUs adequately cooled, even with mild to moderate overclocking - in a properly cooled case, that is. For this reason, I am not a fan (no pun intended) of after market coolers with CPUs that came packaged with OEM coolers. Note that only Intel and AMD will replace your CPU if it fries due to it's supplied cooler failing. Are there better (and quieter) aftermarket coolers? Sure. But with properly configured case cooling you don't need them unless doing extreme overclocking, or when total silence is needed as with HTPCs (home theater PCs). That said, both Intel and AMD sell CPUs without coolers so, of course, in those situations, you must use an aftermarket cooler.

    Also contrary to what many may tell you, TIM (thermal interface materials) don't wear out or ever need periodic replacing AS LONG AS the cured bond is never broken. It is, however, critical the TIM be properly applied when first applied. And the two most common mistakes when applying a new, fresh layer of TIM is failure to thoroughly clean the mating surfaces before applying the TIM, and applying too much TIM. The purpose of TIM is to fill the microscopic pits and valleys in the mating surfaces only, and with as thin a layer as possible while still achieving complete coverage. Too much TIM is in the way and counterproductive to an efficient heat transfer process. So, did you apply a proper layer of TIM before mounting this cooler?

    @jds63 - I believe that 2007 TechPowerUP guide is a bit (well... way!) outdated now. Modern cases typically support multiple and large (120mm or larger) fans so there is no need to cut holes in a modern case as the guide states in Rule #1 must "always" be done. I would be more afraid I would fail to clean out all the loose metal filings that will be created and them (or even one) getting on my electronics. If the case needs the "cheese grater" vents cut out to provide an adequate flow of cool air, get a new case.

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    The temperature is not too high when it is idle, but if you can get it lower temperature it is better of course.
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    Thanks Itaregid, I appreciate all of that information. Last night I reset the temps and my temps were more reasonable. If I have a problem it is with my TIM. I figured if some is good... more is better so I might have to redo that. Here is a more recent screenshot:
    Click image for larger version
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    Hi windows8use, my temps seem to be better now. I don't know what caused the higher numbers in the earlier screenshots.
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    Your welcome from before! Looks like you just reset it to read celsius.

    As there is proper ways of applying it as there is proper ways to clean CPU from older paste. Also better brands of paste and cleaners.

    Good cleaner Arctic Silver Incorporated - ArctiClean

    Shows your CPU and ways of applying paste with this brand which is good

    Too little is no good as too much is. Proper ways to apply. As this can be the reasons for higher temps.

    As i did ask if this was first time you ever applied thermal paste or compound to a CPU.
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    Hi jds63, it's not the first time I ever applied thermal paste, but it's the first time I ever measured the temperatures. I was always fat, dumb and happy thinking I had done a good job. My lifetime career was instrumentation, but I was ignorant of these CPU temp apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by okrobie View Post
    Hi jds63, it's not the first time I ever applied thermal paste, but it's the first time I ever measured the temperatures. I was always fat, dumb and happy thinking I had done a good job. My lifetime career was instrumentation, but I was ignorant of these CPU temp apps.
    Hey it takes knowing and practice, don't knock yourself. Not so easy to get it right. Definitely if done wrong can cause temp problems and also what OP mentioned, proper fans, dust accumulation and proper airflow.

    Use HWmonitor or get a software can stay on taskbar or on desktop to be able to easily see and monitor temps and fan speeds, a good idea for most to have. As said if those are your constant idle temps, not good at all or if doing something that is stressing the CPU it should go down more then that after awhile.
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    Speaking of proper fans... I just noticed that the rear case fan is smaller than the opening. I'm going to order one for a proper fit. Thanks.

    EDIT: The fan that is in there is 80mm and the opening is for a 120mm fan. Not optimal by any means.

    EDIT2: I have the side panel off (with the side panel fan) and it is running much cooler.
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    80mm = 3.14961 inches 120mm = 4.72441 inches, always measure to be sure, sizes vertically and horizontally.

    Great brand here, real quiet and efficient Noctua NF-S12A PWM 120mm Case Fan -

    Where else do you have opening besides the side ? Side to draw air in and rear to draw air out. Power supply on bottom or top? Maybe should take a picture and post the case.

    Leaving the case open is not a good idea as disrupts the airflow, even though you may see it cooler.

    Get yourself some canned air clean inside the best.

    See some diagrams of air flow
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    jds63, Thanks for the recommendation. I was also looking at the Cooler Master JetFlo 120 R4-JFDP-20PB-R1 120mm Blue LED Case Fan also from NewEgg. It's about $10.00 less expensive. Can you see a compelling reason to spend the extra money for the Noctua? I'm on a budget, retired and on Social Security. Here's a photo:

    Click image for larger version
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Normal CPU Temperatures?
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