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Gigabyte Intel update to USB3.0 freezes computer?

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    Gigabyte Intel update to USB3.0 freezes computer?

    Hi all, I've had this problem since buying the computer and I'm completely stumped.

    My motherboard is a Gigabyte and uses the Gigabyte Update manager. Ever but one thing works: installing a New Driver: Intel (r) USB 3.0 driver. I'm not sure if currently the computer's only working at 2.0. When I try install it, it does OK copying all the files, then says 'click Next' to continue. Unfortunately, the updater has switched off ALL USB connections: so no keyboard, internet, mouse, bluetooth (dongle), printer, etc etc - I can't click next!

    I can see under the "Device Manager" there's some references:
    USB 2.0MTT Hub
    Intel USB3.0 Root hub
    Intel USB3 extensible host controller

    Does this mean I'm running USB3 or 2 drivers??

    The update in Gigabyte is still showing, as if it's not been installed.

    I'm also wondering if you know how to install additional upgrades without the computer freezing because it's turning off these USB ports? Make no sense to me!!

    Hope I put enough info here.
    All the best.

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    Your mobo is Toshiba ( according to your System Specs ), so why not querying Toshiba for drivers manually?
    why using driver download programs?
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    Sorry about that, I should've explained the question's for my desktop PC - the system spec in my profile is for my laptop. The desktop machine is the one with the Gigabyte board. Gigabyte comes with its down driver update download centre.
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    Which Gigabyte board? Note it is not uncommon for motherboards to have both USB2.0 and USB3.0 ports. Check your motherboard manual.
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Gigabyte Intel update to USB3.0 freezes computer?
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