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rspLLL64.sys DPC Count Latency causing audio/video stutter

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    rspLLL64.sys DPC Count Latency causing audio/video stutter

    So I was at my wits end yesterday trying to troubleshoot this issue and when I read the guide it said the culprit will have the highest DPC count so I presumed it was the file at the top, turns out my problem is related to USBPORT.SYS. Now I'm beginning to verify all my drivers are up to date, which this is a fresh install of Windows so I also presumed all the drivers to be up to date. I disabled Windows from installing drivers but when I removed them and rebooted to begin the troubleshooting process, Windows had installed them without my permission. Any suggestions?

    I know I have already solved this problem in the past, in task manager a process called "system interrupts" is displayed every time I move my mouse and it uses anywhere from 1% cpu all the way up to 80% cpu. System interrupts is also present when I'm not using my mouse and causes my videos and audio to stutter.

    To fix this before I simply located the service in services.msc and disabled it thus system interrupts no longer operated under the DPC, but now I cannot locate the service associated with this process, I never wrote it down. Now I'd like to fix the problem rather than sweep the problem under the rug which I did by disabling a service. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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    If DPC would be too high you would get system crash. ( since Windows 7 I think )
    Why do you need that driver anyway?
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    So I updated the first post with more accurate information. I need the driver because it is responsible for my USB devices.
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rspLLL64.sys DPC Count Latency causing audio/video stutter
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