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Wiping a data drive

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    Wiping a data drive

    I had a brand new 2TB WD drive (bought 6 months back as a spare), which I put to use yesterday to replace a 1TB data drive. All went well, but just when I was all done, I broke the data connector when I was securing it to the case!!!

    I contacted WD to see if was covered by warranty, but its not. It's not a boot drive, and I didn't lose any data, so it could have been a lot worse. Only lost some time and money

    I still needed a new drive, so I picked up a 4TB drive to meet my needs, and all is now good.

    I can no longer use that 2GB drive in any of my pc's anymore (as the data cable wont be a secure connection), but it occurred to me to try sliding it into my external USB2 enclosure , and to my pleasant surprise, it was slow, but readable.

    Question: I will likely dedicate such an enclosure just for this drive (for backups, testing etc) .... but in case I decide to dispose of the drive, I would like to 'wipe" it clean first. If I go to Computer Management/Disk Management and delete the Volume, and then re-create a new volume, would that do it? Or do I need to use a third party 'kill' app?

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    CCleaner has a drive wiping utility, I would use something like that just to be safe.
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    OK thanks, will check that out.

    Still curious about what deleting a volume does in terms of ensuring data is truly wiped out or not.
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    when you delete a volume, the info from the sectors can be recovered, when you wipe a drive it writes 0'z and 1's to the sectors so every sector is overwritten..

    here is a link to a program to do just that > HDDGURU: HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mediaman09 View Post
    OK thanks, will check that out.

    Still curious about what deleting a volume does in terms of ensuring data is truly wiped out or not.
    In that case only the control information is changed. The data will stay intact and is relatively easy to retrieve.
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Wiping a data drive
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