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Blinking Windows login screen and dxgkrnl.sys can't load

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    Blinking Windows login screen and dxgkrnl.sys can't load

    Hi everyone
    The resume of my problem is stated in the title.

    Here is aproximate history of it:
    I installed Android Studio and after started it I noticed Windows is performing badly.
    I went to Windows Update, saw there are some uninstalled updates and tried to install them. I installed 3-4 of them, but one can't install despite I tried few times. I can't remember which one.
    I restarted computer, started Andorid Studio again and Windows performed badly again.
    I deinstalled Android Studio, restarted computer and Windows performed well.
    But, I need Android Studio, so I decided to try to fix this problem.
    I suspected I have some disk issue and started Windows GUI equivalent of Chkdsk (from Control Panel). It showed me I had some disk problems, that they are fixed (or will be fixed after restart) and that I need to restart computer.
    During restarting I had notice that my computer is repairing, but afterwards it stuck into blinking Windows login screen. I can't input anything on it.
    I can't load into Safe mode. Acctualy, it seems it can load partly, because I get "Safe mode" signs in corners of screen along with blank screen, but that's it - I can't go further.
    I made bootlog and saw only one issue - dxgkrnl.sys can't load. Acctualy, in one booting it load once, but next n times it fail.
    BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\dxgkrnl.sys

    I searched for solution, found similar problems and recommended solutions, but all I saw are when one can get into Windows GUI.
    I can get into commad prompt from Windows troubleshoot (boot menu - Repair Your Computer - Troubleshoot -Advanced options - Command prompt), but from there I can't reinstall my video drivers nor DirectX.
    I made sfc and chkdsk again (from C. Prompt). They found some errors, fix it, but it didn't help in this case.
    I still won't to refresh my Windows, because I want to have apps installed as they are now.
    And I still hope there is some gently solution for this issue.


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    Have you tried other solutions?

    Cross-Platform Development in Visual Studio
    Visual Studio Emulator for Android

    Windows modules such as DirectX rarely have bugs, and since your problem persist only after installing Android Studio, you should get better response by asking them directly for Windows support/compatibility.

    It's most likely you don't meet System Reuqirements
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    Hi Addictive Gamer
    Thanks for your replay.

    No, I haven't tried another solutions. Maybe I will in future.
    I finished some classes of Android programming and we used Android Studio there. So it is usual for me to use Android Studio for this first period of learning.

    ".. you should get better response by asking them directly for Windows support/compatibility."
    I'm not so sure what did you think here. I need to ask producers of Android Studio what's the cause of such behavior of my computer with installed Android Studio? If that is case I first need to recover my computer.

    System requirements
    I saw list on link you posted.
    I suppose that with "Windows 8" they consider and Windows 8.1. Otherwise it will not been logical.
    "1 GB for Android SDK, ..." is disk space I suppose. Otherwise it will not been logical, also.
    I'm not sure for used video resolution since I can't enter GUI. I suppose it was 1366x768.
    "Optional for accelerated emulator ..." My processor support this as far as I see.
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Blinking Windows login screen and dxgkrnl.sys can't load
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