Running Windows 8.1 on Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop, using WIFI within home in which my husbands computer is attached to the server. About a year ago, I began getting all of these strange new files, and now my device manager is so full it's ridiculous. I have noticed when he logs onto his computer to play his game, my DVD drive kicks on like it's starting. I don't know if he is using my laptop as a 'device' on his computer? I know he is remotely accessing it because I have tons of files in WIN32 folder in which he has added a user S-1-5...., I delete them, he puts them back. Some things, such as the 'homegroup' in services through task manager is greyed out to where I can't even disable it. HELP! What drivers are supposed to be there, and it says my HDD password is he using my computer as a drive for his?