Been meaning for a while now to mess with USB at a raw and driver level. OS does not matter, these are USB audio or joysticks and stuff 〰⛵🏂

Really, hoping for electrical hobbyists, who can recommend some nice experiments.... I've done coding, have event monitor, visual studio, a few apps that crash, and odbe or that kind of stuff ... Is a mess.

Same for FireWire or serial, I've got everything I need except a 16channel logic probe (next treat).... I have binders of specifications, experience in asm/hex. What about serial RS232 etc, show me something that isn't a dumb overused example.

I'd like the most raw or direct sampling methods possible. I'm struggling to find anything interesting forr packet debugging or whatnot Sorry!

A little push or reference from folks who have been there would be really nice!!!

(Working on compatibility issues is my goal...)