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Lost password need hard reset for Winbook TW700

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    Lost password need hard reset for Winbook TW700

    Title says it all. I cannot log on and need to execute a hard factory reset. No data is on system so rewriting the disc is not an issue for me. (Getting past the login screen, however, is an issue for me.)



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    Before I begin: I don't work for Micro Center. The information I am giving you is what I have learned as a customer.

    You said that you have no data on the tablet. What I detail below is drastic. It will restore your tablet to "out of the box" condition. There are other methods, but this one requires the least technical knowledge and experience.

    WinBook is manufactured by Micro Center; so your local Micro Center store is the best place to start. I have found the techs at Micro Center to be the most helpful of any corporate operation I have done business with.

    You need to supply your own flash drive. It must be at least 8GB capacity. This drive will become a dedicated emergency recovery drive. Any data on the drive will be lost. Micro Center has USB3 8GB drives for about $7 if you don't have one already. Take your WinBook with you. Go to the Knowledge Bar, and upon logging in for help check the box for I have my system with me. In the box where you enter the service you want, type "create emergency recovery flash drive".

    It is very likely that the tech will tell you that you need to call customer support. This is because it is very rare nowadays for consumers to want an installation disk or a recovery disk; therefore, many techs don't know that this service is available. Tell them that customer service told you that the local store provides this service. This is a while-you-wait scenario.

    Tell the tech you want a bootable emergency recovery disk, and hand him/her your flash drive. Be sure to tell the tech you have a 32-bit operating system. This is important!!!!

    When the flash drive is returned, ask the tech to show you how to boot from the flash drive and use recovery options. Take a pen and paper with you to take notes. You may need this when you return home.

    When you return home, you will want to use the RESET option. WARNING: This will return the tablet to "out of the box" configuration. You will have to go through the initial set-up, update, and activation process.

    If your memory is like mine, you may wish to print this reply, and take it to the store with you. Important details are included.

    Please post back with success, problems, etc.

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Lost password need hard reset for Winbook TW700
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