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Which of these 2 ssd should be the fastest?

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    Which of these 2 ssd should be the fastest?

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    Samsung has "TurboWrite" option which uses RAM as cache to speed up reads and writes and makes it look faster than most but it has small impact on everyday performance. In any case difference is too small to notice without benchmarking SW. There are some reports about 840 EVO dropping some performance after some time, if you have it, check for newest firmware that's supposed to help.
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    I'll check the firmware for updates Thanks!
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    I'm out of touch with SSD's now-a-days, but 2-3 years ago the Intel SSD's used Sandforce storage controllers, whereas Samsung used their own storage controllers. Sandforce relied on compression to get the speeds specified, whereas Samsung didn't, which meant if you used Bitlocker disc encryption, because encrypted data can't be compressed Samsung was the better choice.

    I'm not sure whether it's still the case, however if you're going to be using Bitlocker (or other full disc encryption software such as TrueCrypt, etc.) it maybe worth looking at benchmarks based on encrypted data, rather than unencrypted data.
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    Encryption has nothing to do with it.
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    You really have to measure them to get the true story - with HD Tune. And then it also depends for what you use it.

    For the OS the access time and the 4K block time is important.

    For moving large files around, the R/W speed of large blocks is important (but that has no bearing on OS performance).
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    I say it really doesn't matter. Its low access times that make all SSDs great.
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Which of these 2 ssd should be the fastest?
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