Hi Guys,

This is Ramesh. I am having a problem with my battery icon. I am running Windows 8.1 on my ACER Aspire 5755 laptop. When I start the OS, I was unable to see the battery icon in the notification area. Because of that my laptop gets shutdown abruptly in middle of my work, without warning to plugin the battery charger.

I searched for the solution in several forums. I got a temporary solution for it.

I get the battery icon in the notification area by doing this every time I logon to Windows 8.1.

Right Clicking on My Computer icon, clicking on Manage, and clicking on Device Manager, and Clicking on Scan for hardware changes.

I am here to ask you guys, Is there any possibility to make an entry in the start-up items for "Scan for hardware changes" in windows 8.1 or not. If Yes, please give me the solution.

My Laptop configuration is
OS: Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
Processor: Intel I3
RAM: 4GB (2.46 Usable)

Thanking You.

Kind Regards,
Ramesh Junju.