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When people say touch is useless...

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    + what everyone else said.

    I worked for a touchscreen company for 18 years and used it on everything from DOS forward. It is great in it's place, and the desktop is not one of them. It has very little (but not /nothing/) to do with the interface design. It has everything to do with ergonomics, precision and fingerprints.

    There may be some major gains in potential ergonomic changes in the future (Ala the Cintique idea), and some company is promising a completely smudgeless touch surface (but no proof yet). But even with all that, there is simply NO precision in touch and frankly can't/won't ever be. At minimum you'll need a stylus, but even that really only works well in certain situations. Even styli can be quite tiring when you have to move your entire arm over a large surface to open menus and slam into hot corners... A mouse is an amazingly refined input device, and even after touch being around for decades, it's not anywhere /near/ the precision and utility needed for anything other than casual computing tasks.

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    I can see new input methods taking hold before touch becomes common and that is a shame, touch is usefull and it does have a place in the market place on small and mobile devices, desktop touch is far too expensive for high volume uptake by consumers and most of them would probably regret the decision as well.

    i watched a video recently of a device similar to the kinect yet it only tracks the fingers and very precicely as well, so already there are alternatives to touch that don't require actually touching anything at all. touch was dead on desktops before it even got the chance to take off.
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    Slightly off topic, but I'll take a trackball over a trackpad or mouse any day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    Slightly off topic, but I'll take a trackball over a trackpad or mouse any day.

    haha indeed, i've been using one of those for a few years now, old style mice just feel clunky and need to much room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    Slightly off topic, but I'll take a trackball over a trackpad or mouse any day.
    I'll take my Microsoft Touch Mouse any day of the week.
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    I know this is my first post and I just thought of this part from the Back to the Future Part II Movie: Wild Gunman scene in Back to the future II, 80s cafe - YouTube I personally like Windows 8 and especially like the touch part on my tablet. Metro works fine for me on my desktop and multimonitor laptop setup at work as well.

    Windows 8 is definitely the next step to surface computing.
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    Hi there
    try entering a complex set of data into a spreadsheet on a tablet (with or without a Virtual keyboard) and then decide you need to cut and paste some stuff.

    Any tool other than a mouse is hopeless for this type of task -- a stylus in theory should be OK but they don't seem to work anything as easily as a "classical" mouse does. I think the "Old fashioned mouse" will still be around for a long time yet - especially when any form of cutting / pasting stuff is required.

    Touch also isn't the only option for some scenarios -- if you have a HUGE 50 inch monitor -- fine for photo editing / video production etc etc you would certainly have to have HUGE SPIDERMAN length arms - and it still would get very tiring entering and composing data via touch -or more probably you certainly wouldn't be seated anywhere near enough the monitor to touch it anyway.

    Computers / tablets / phones etc are used for widely differing tasks - for example selecting destinations for buying tickets at a railway station is a good use of a touch application -- especially as half the people I know can't spell in the first place so would never find their destination if they had to type it in -- but even here a REAL keyboard is still used for typing in the pin number (thank goodness -- I'd probably make errors and have my card suspended if it was done on a tiny "Virtual " keyboard - especially with my size hands) when making the payment.

    Creating spread sheets and things like power point presentations are applications where you still need traditional input methods -- for these a Keyboard and mouse is still quicker -- even than a writing stylus --most people can type far faster than they can write.

    It just seems everybody has their own idea of what input methods SHOULD be - and fail to recognize how other applications require different methods.

    There's no real 100% right or wrong answers to "Touch" or "Mouse" but we all know when we are using the WRONG method.

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    Thanks Jimbo for opening up a slightly older thread that I wasn't around for.

    If my choice is a touch screen or a mouse, um, I'll take the mouse.
    1). Gaming on a touch screen would be a huge nuisance
    2). Going to forum sites and trying to click the little numbers to pick which page you want is a nuisance
    3). Cleaning my monitors of finger prints is a nuisance.
    4). Changing planes from my keyboard to my touch screen is a nuisance. i like my keyboard and mouse next to each other.
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    Jimbo, me thinks I agree with you on this one. While I am a real fan of touch, nothing works better than a keyboard and mouse when I really want to get work done. Case in point is my Samsung Series 7 Slate. It offers the best of both worlds. I spent the first few weeks using mostly a stylus and and a pen. Yet when I hook up the wireless keyboard and mouse, the device really sings.

    I am basically a tablet addict and iPad junkie. But I'm also a master of the keyboard on the desktop and often prefer the keyboard over the mouse. That is when I can create some serious input. But after a hard days work, I like to come home and play with the stylus.
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    Single touch is STRICTLY worse than a mouse. Multitouch has some value, like rotating, pinch zoom, and 3 finger swipe. Is it enough to revolutionize the industry? Not from what I see coming from apple, google, and MS.
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When people say touch is useless...
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