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Ten... tablet survival accessories

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    Ten... tablet survival accessories

    Handy add-ons for your fondleslab

    By Nick Hawkesmoor

    We like tablets. Way more portable than most laptops - even netbooks - they're nevertheless no less functional. Notebooks clearly have the edge when it comes to outright performance, but you can get a lot done with a fondleslab - and that's before you think about them as entertainment centres.

    But, like all technology products, they need add-ons to complete the package. From emergency power sources to adaptors for unsupported cable connectors and memory cards, sooner or later you're going to need extra gadgets. Others, like keyboards, simply help widen the number of tasks you can put a table too. Some just make it more convenient.

    So here then is Reg Hardware's ten essential tablet accessories. Useful add-ons all for every tablet owner. One or two are for specific devices, but the majority will prove useful no matter which tablet you own.

    More HERE

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    Nice one nick , but if someone can also show us some Diy stuff for daily usage of our tablets , that would be good too . Anyway there are many accessories to buy from this shop , Screen Protector Expert - Smartphone, Cellphone, PDA Accessories | Brando Workshop , from Hong Kong . Once inside just click Smartphone/Pda Accessories , enjoy browsing , cheers everyone - jim
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    Those are nice conusmer-level gadgets, but don't forget about people that use a slate/tablet for work too - USB video out adapters and a good Bluetooth keyboard / mouse combo are more useful then .
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    so if i am to understand this correctly, you need a bag full of goodies the size of a normal laptop to have the same functionalty the laptop already has and lug it around in case you need them.

    why not just take the laptop instead that already has all of those features and gizmo's.

    and people wonder why i don't care for tablets....useless on their own.
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    Because the slate is under 3lbs, the gadgets aren't usually necessary for normal use and thus spend most of their life in the bag (coming out to play only when absolutely needed), and even with the 5 or 6 cords and the keyboard / mouse I still have far less "stuff" and indeed weight in my bag than I did when I took a laptop.

    I will never, never go back to a full-fledged laptop. I may look into a convertible, but getting those things small enough and still possessing a decent keyboard and trackpad is difficult (and you have to make certain compromises as well even there - it's still heavier, performance may suffer due to lower-end components for battery life to compete with the tablet/slates, and heat dissipation when in "tablet" format). I have, however, found the slate to be just as good as a laptop as a daily driver, and it's conveniences outweigh the drawback of needing external devices for connectivity to things like ethernet or having a physical keyboard or mouse. Especially with Windows 8, the need for a physical input device is indeed lessened, so that helps.
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    Yeah , with w8 onwards , pc era will definitely evolve towards touch tablets era , even if they disagree or dislike it , it is here already .
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmunsw View Post
    Yeah , with w8 onwards , pc era will definitely evolve towards touch tablets era , even if they disagree or dislike it , it is here already .
    Hi there
    but like DAB radio it's D(ead)A(nd)B(uried) for ONLY touch use.

    Now these wretched devices have been out for a while so people have shown that they really for any sort of content production can't do without a keyboard and mouse --so why not use a Netbook -- not much heavier - if at all -- than a tablet and is infinitely more versatile and useful than a tablet -- and CHEAPER as well BTW in most cases.

    Incidentally the latest DECENT batch of smartphones can do most things people would probably want to do on a tablet anyway.

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    I have used both windows netbook and tablet , it's easier to use for browsing the net with one hand on tablet and another flicking the screen , it's quite difficult with a netbook . For those must use a real keyboard and a mouse , wait for more latest windows tablet to come out soon , there will be some with it soon. Prices will go down but have to wait longer though . I also tried Samsung galaxy note 5" screen and tab 7.7" but still a 9.5" or 10" is the best . I think most top pc manufacturers like Dell , Hp , Asus, Acer , Lenovo, Samsung , Sony , Toshiba plus many smaller ones are all rushing into windows 8 tablet market because they would have predicted the current market trend , otherwise they will end up with lots of unsold tablets then.
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    Also , yes it's correct the 2011 windows tablets can't do much serious computing works and heavy duty stuff if one compares it to a desktop or a better laptop , but w8 tablet has just started quite recently and from the 2nd half of 2012 many will come with iCore 5 and 7 ( expensive though ) , and these really can do mid range duty works . Give us 3 years like from 2015 onwards , w8 tablets or w9 or w10 will evolve into mid range to heavy duty computing works by then which i am hoping for . It's not hard to imagine this can happen
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Ten... tablet survival accessories
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